Let your creativeness flourish with Tableaux® Faux Wrought Iron.....

Think It’s Iron?

 Think Again!

 What is this product?.......

Tableaux ® Faux Iron is a lightweight yet hard and dense composite which lends itself to intricate designs, installs easily and is much less expensive than most comparable designs done in wrought iron, and, vastly easier to handle and install.   In addition, the product can be installed outside in the harshest conditions without the rusting and bleed of iron.   Besides the many standard designs, Tableaux® Faux Iron can be customized to your vision from sources such as a sketch, a picture or architectural plans.

Custom built to fit any size or shape project, Tableaux® Faux Iron offers flexible solutions for those challenging projects such as arched or irregular shapes, with or without borders.  You can even insert a monogram within the design.  With a variety of finishes, it compliments any style decor from traditional to contemporary.

Tableaux ® Faux Iron is available in material suitable for indoors or outdoors, and thicknesses of 3/8”, 1/2” & 3/4”.  It has a hard composition and can be drilled or saw trimmed.  It is available with double-sided carving when viewing from both sides or single-sided carving for walls and ceilings.  Generally, most windows are single-sided.  There are several mounting methods including direct surface screws, lateral hex screws, hinges, picture hangars and velcro.

  What can you do with this product?.....

Tableaux ® Faux Iron is virtually limitless in decor applications.  Put your mind to work and get creative!


......without the weight and cost of wrought iron


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100% Product Satisfaction Guaranty! We guaranty your satisfaction with this product.  If you are not satisfied,  you may return the item(s) for a full refund of the product price.  *Applies to all  non-custom, standard orders 75 sq. Ft. or less. Additional  information is available on request.  

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