Tableaux® Faux Iron is used in a multitude of window applications:


In window applications where there are panes separated by mullions, We can incorporate the mullions into the

Design of the  Tableaux® faux wrought iron design.

Tableaux® faux wrought iron can be made single-sided (carved on one side) or double-sided (carved on both sides).  For  viewing close-up on both sides, for example, door sidelights, we recommend double-sided.  For general windows, transom windows, garage windows etc. you can use single-sided to save cost.  


Tableaux® Faux Iron - Windows


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Solar Screen

Solar Screen Product Reference Sheet.pdf

For windows where strong sun enters, we can significantly reduce the amount of light using solar screen. We can spline-groove the piece and supply solar screen or just provide the groove and spline to install your own screen. This an optional service available.

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