Faux Iron Design

Faux Iron Design offers many Standard Designs.  Choose from classic forged iron look to modern, eclectic, or industrial look.  Every design can be requested in virtually any shape or size.   

Design Pattern Density can be made more open or denser for a different effect.

Heavy Density
Dense 2
Dense 3

Design Elements    Some design elements can be added or removed

Element 1
Element 3

Carving Detail    Any of the designs can be Single Sided, Double Sided or Non-Beveled.  Designs that have the forged wrought iron look are generally Single Sided or Double Sided if you walk up to both sides.  Designs which are more modern, eclectic, may be “flat cut” or Non-Beveled. 

Shapes   All of the Standard Designs shown below can me modified for any shape or size.

Standard Designs