Custom Designs......      

   The very talented artists for Tableaux Faux Iron can render custom designs from almost   anything such as a drawing, sketch, magazine, photo or architectural drawings at hourly design   time charges.  The typical project would be 1-2 hours.



















You can request that the pattern be more “open and airy” or more filled in

 The standard Tableaux Faux Iron piece has an approximate ¾” wide border/frame around the design.  You can request a borderless design or even certain sides to be borderless.  You can even specify the width of the border

With Border

Without Border

   Tableaux Faux Iron is available in numerous pre-designed patterns.  It is important for you to note that any pattern may be adjusted for:

Density & Design Elements……….

Tableaux Faux Iron - Designs



Tableaux Faux Iron is adaptable to any shape whether it’s square, round, with an arch, triangular or irregular.  You tell us and we’ll  do it.  Irregular shapes to be inserted in a frame such as a window or cabinet door may require a template of the opening.


Standard Designs.....  

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