Tableaux Faux Iron is available in a variety of finishes to compliment your project. These finishes are considered to be either “Painted” or “Organic” finishes.


Painted finishes start with an Iron-No Rust (Black) background.  Highlight colors such as Bronze or Silver are applied, the amounts of which, will vary depending on the particular design choice.

Antique Bronze


Iron - No Rust

Antique Silver Silver

Aged Gold

Buckingham Gold


Organic finishes use a natural chemical process such as oxidation. There can be variation in both the amount of organic content as well as color variation from the pictures.  Organic is also a rougher texture overall.

Iron - Full Rust

Iron - Light Rust

Patina Bronze

Custom - Additional Cost Applies

 You may select any color available at Sherwin Williams and submit the color chip to us for finishing.


Tableaux Faux Iron - Finishes


Raw Cast Iron

 Tableaux Faux Iron designs may be ordered in a presentable all white finish.  This finish is also appropriate as a primer for customers who finish their own.


** New Finish *

Vintage Copper