Faux Iron Design

Cabinet Door Inserts & Overlays Installation & Gallery


Most often cabinet door inserts are mounted on the backside of the cabinet door in a rabbet (lip where glass is normally mounted) with clear silicone adhesive.  In most cases, glass is not used in the cabinet door, however, if you need glass, it can be mounted on the backside of the insert, held in place with retaining tabs.  That way the glass can be removed for cleaning.  Generally cabinet door inserts are 3/8" thickness

Lateral A For open cutouts in the door, the piece can be mounted with Lateral Hex Screws provided there is at least 1/2" thickness

Our product can be mounted on the surface of solid cabinet doors, island fronts, or any other surface.  It is generally 3/8" thickness and mounted with clear silicone adhesive.

The product can be mounted as a full cabinet door.  We supply butterfly cabinet hinges and catch magnet.