Faux Iron Design

Ceilings - Installation & Gallery

Create dramatic ceiling treatments with  Faux Iron, Elements or Veneer.   Make a statement without breaking the bank.  It is practical, lightweight,  and lends itself to creating impressive custom ceilings. We can even supply spacer lengths to offset the product and create breathtaking shadows.  Less than 10% of the weight of iron, allowing for easy installation and can be split, eliminating the removal of chandeliers or ceiling fans.  Use it for:

  • Decorative medallions over light fixtures or fans

  • Decorative coffered ceiling inserts

  • Full ceiling treatments

  • Skylight decorative inserts

  • Panel inserts for florescent lighting units

When mounting ceiling pieces, typically Direct Surface Screws are used.  We pre-drill countersunk holes and supply the screws as well as matching plugs to conceal the holes.  We can also supply spacers or hooks and cables for dropped ceiling treatments.

Direct Surface Screws

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