Faux Iron Design

Glass Door Insert Installation


These clips are inserted under the frame/molding at the edge of the glass.  The  clip being “L”  shaped,  then snaps into a groove on the sides of the Tableaux Faux Iron design.  This way the piece is easily removed to clean the glass


Some customers prefer to mount the Tableaux piece on the door frame with hinges.  We do not provide decorative hinges for this purpose, however they are available from numerous store and internet suppliers.  Drop pin hinges on both sides allow for the piece to be lifted off to clean the glass. 


Lift Off Hinges

Lateral Hex Screws 

As in our Window Inserts, Lateral Hex Screws can be used provided there is a minimum 1/2″ depth from the molding to the surface of the glass – and – that the edge of the molding is square.

Lateral A