Faux Iron Design

Window Valence/Cornice

In terminology, a Valence is generally considered a “soft” top window treatment such as fabric draped over a horizontal rod.  A cornice is similar to a valance in the sense that they both top off your window treatment but Cornices are hard top treatments, conforming to a shape.

Cornice Shapes

A cornice can be one single panel which fits inside a window opening much like our Window Inserts.  Or, it can have a center panel with two side return panels bringing it out from the wall as in the picture above.  Faux Iron Design’s Box Cornice has mitered ends where the center panel joins the side panels, panel joiners, and wall mounting plates

Cornice Designs

Any of our Standard Designs can be used in a cornice.  Pictured here are some of the more popular designs we have made.

Faux Iron Design can also replicate a custom design from a picture, sketch or other source.

Tableaux Faux Iron Valence #1

While we don’t make a wood cornice like that pictured to the right, we can provide the Faux Iron panel  that is mounted on the surface…………

If you want to conceal the rod or curtains behind the cornice, you can apply fabric to the back of the cornice.