Faux Iron Design

Window Installation and Options

Window Insert Installation

Standard Faux Iron, Elements & Veneer lines for window inserts are generally installed with Lateral Hex Screws.  It’s a very simple install which commercial and most homeowners can handle.  This allows for easy removal to clean the window.  Our piece comes with the brass barrels installed, hex screws and tool.

       For Window Inserts that are not too large, we can also supply Hinges & Magnets if you prefer

SnugSeal (Option)

SnugSeal is a bulb gasket attached to the border of the window piece.  It is primarily used on irregular shapes, or when drywall is out of exact curvature or line or anytime measurements are not able to establish shape.   SnugSeal provides a uniform border around your Faux Iron, Elements or Veneer piece.

In the case where a template is required to establish accurate shape, SnugSeal may eliminate submitting a template.

Solar Screen (Option)

When sunlight entering windows needs to be controlled, we can significantly reduce the amount of light using Solar Screen.  For Solar Screen installation, we groove the backside of the piece in the border, then install the Solar Screen using spline material.