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Faux Iron Design - Order Process

From Conception
From Conception
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First Step

The first step is to provide you with a quote.  Pricing is based primarily on the overall width x height of the piece.  That pricing is applicable to all of our Standard Designs, Standard Finishes and Thicknesses.   Other factors may affect the pricing such as:

  • Quantity
  • Options such as framing, solar screen, SnugSeal or Single/Double Sided*

*Single Sided – Carving detail, beveled edges on one side (For walls, ceilings etc.  Double Sided – Carving detail is on both sides (For when you see both sides)

Once you have the dimensions, you can...


If you want to proceed, Faux Iron Design will provide you with a scaled approval drawing within 4-5 business days for each separate piece.  To do so, we will request certain things like design & finish choice, shipping address, thickness and mounting choice.  You are only charged if everything meets your expectations and you wish to proceed with the order approval.

Once you approve the order, the standard production time is 20-25 business days until shipping.

Sample Approval Drawings

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