Lateral Hex Head Screws

   For applications such as windows, room pass-through's, trellis, lattice etc.,  where  the design mounts in a framed or    walled opening:



 Direct Surface Screws

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  Hinges & Magnets

   For applications requiring hinges or magnet installations:    

      Tableaux Faux Iron designs can be provided with hinges or magnets.

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  Picture Hangars

     For wall décor and mirror frame applications:

       Tableaux Faux Iron designs can be provided with picture hangars  

  Other Mounting Methods:

    Silicone Adhesive and Velcro


Tableaux Faux Iron - Installation

Windows - Walls - Ceilings

ets etc.

Glass Door Installation

Glass Door Installation

Tableaux Faux Iron can be used over the glass in doors in several ways.








  Clear Silicone Adhesive



  For applications that mount on wall surfaces such as wall décor, niches or ceilings,:

    With  this option,  the Tableaux Faux Iron  design is pre-drilled and counter- sunk. Screws,  wall anchors and     matching plugs or caps are supplied.   The design  piece can be projected off the wall or ceiling with stand-off     tubes up to 4”  i n length creating a 3 dimensional effect


3/8” thick Tableaux Faux Iron designs can be applied to the glass surface as an applique.  Quite often this is done on cabinet plain glass doors to “dress” it up

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With this option, small screw barrels are embedded on the inside of the border of the Faux Iron design through which a hex head screw passes into the surrounding framed or walled opening.  The piece is pre-drilled, hardware and hex driver supplied


  Tableaux  Faux Iron is easily mounted using one of the following methods depending on the project.  

These clips are inserted under the frame/molding at the edge of the glass.  The  clip being “L”  shaped,  then snaps into a groove on the sides of the Tableaux Faux Iron design.

  Some customers prefer to mount the Tableaux piece on the door frame with hinges.  We do not provide decorative hinges for this purpose, however they are available from numerous store and internet suppliers.  Drop pin hinges on both sides allow for the piece to be lifted off to clean the glass. Or, hinges on one side allow the piece to swing open.

zclip_installation.pdf Direct Surface Screw Installations.pdf Hinge-Magnet Installation2.pdf Lateral Screw Installations.pdf Direct Surface Screw Installations.pdf Hinge-Magnet Installation.pdf zclip_installation.pdf Lateral Screw Installations.pdf