Tableaux Faux Iron - Order Flow


 The first step is to provide you with a price quote for your project. Pricing is based on the overall width and height of the piece(s) we make and that pricing is applicable to any of our standard designs, finishes and thickness.  Give us a call or see our Contact Page


If you are satisfied with the pricing, the next step is for us to submit your project information to the design department.  In approximately 4-5 business days, we will forward to you the drawing(s) of your design as well as specification sheet(s).  You may at that time request any changes in either the drawing(s) or specifications such as design,finish, method of mounting etc.  There is no charge or obligation to you up to this point!  

If your design requires a template due to being an irregular shape, we will provide the address to send the template.  Once the design department receives the template, they will scan it and then provide the drawing(s) and specifications in about 4-5 business days.

You are only charged if everything meets your expectations and you wish to proceed with the formal order.   In order to request the drawing of your Tableaux Faux Iron project, whether or not a template is being sent, we will need:  

Sample Drawings - Click to Enlarge