Faux Iron Design

Standard Faux Iron - Details & Finishes

Standard Faux Iron - Details

   "Forged Iron-Like.  Where the look of aged or painted iron is desired"


  • Suggested Design Styles: Classic. Traditional. Industrial/Urban (Iron-like).    
  • Applications: Window treatments, ceiling treatments, decorative accents, other 
  • Material: Sustainable, environmentally friendly, Class 3 flame retardant, industrial-grade composite
  • Substrate Characteristics: Standard. Rough-to-course texture on surface and inside cuts with look of aged iron. Exterior substrate has rougher texture on surface and inside cuts
  • Usage: Suitable for Interior or exterior use
  • Finish Colors: Nine standard. Limited custom non-standard finish colors
  • Board Thickness: ⅜”, ½”, ¾”, 1” (¾” and 1″ for exterior use)
  • Carving Options: Single-sided bevel, double-sided bevel
  • Limitations: Not for structural applications
  • Maximum Single-Board Sizes
    (Multiple boards may be joined, mended or framed)    Interior substrate 60″ x 120″    Exterior substrate 48″ x 96″  

Standard Faux Iron Finishes (click to enlarge)

Raw Cast Iron CI1
Iron Full Rust IA9
Iron Full Rust IA9
Patina Bronze BG6
Iron/No Rust IN1
Antique Bronze BB8
Iron Light Rust IA5
Antique Silver SB8
Aged Gold GR6
Vintage Copper CP2
White WHT