Faux Iron Design

Standard Faux Iron - Details & Finishes

Standard Faux Iron - Details

   "Forged Iron-Like.  Where the look of aged or painted iron is desired"


  • Suggested Design Styles: Classic. Traditional. Industrial/Urban (Iron-like).    
  • Applications: Window treatments, ceiling treatments, decorative accents, other 
  • Material: Sustainable, environmentally friendly, Class 3 flame retardant, industrial-grade composite
  • Substrate Characteristics: Standard. Rough-to-course texture on surface and inside cuts with look of aged iron. Exterior substrate has rougher texture on surface and inside cuts
  • Usage: Suitable for Interior or exterior use
  • Finish Colors: Nine standard. Limited custom non-standard finish colors
  • Board Thickness: ⅜”, ½”, ¾”, 1” (¾” and 1″ for exterior use)
  • Carving Options: Single-sided bevel, double-sided bevel
  • Limitations: Not for structural applications
  • Maximum Single-Board Sizes
    (Multiple boards may be joined, mended or framed)    Interior substrate 60″ x 120″    Exterior substrate 48″ x 96″  

Standard Faux Iron Finishes (click to enlarge)

Raw Cast Iron CI1
Iron Full Rust IA9
Iron Full Rust IA9
Patina Bronze BG6
Iron/No Rust IN1
Antique Bronze BB8
Iron Light Rust IA5
Antique Silver SB8
Aged Gold GR6
Vintage Copper CP2
White WHT

In addition to the  finishes shown above, you may select any Elements Line solid color finish for use with Standard Faux Iron